Robotech is dedicated to bringing together innovative ideas and designs from both sides of the Pacific in order to find new methods to utilize the fruits of modern technology in the US and throughout the world

Major Activities and Achievements

  • A licensing agreement between the Japanese developer of an innovative magnetic clasp for handbags and a U.S. manufacturer and distributor
  • Preparation of the prospectus and technical specifications for a robotic device for washing and painting high-rise vertical surfaces
  • Research & marketing for new information products for both sides of the Pacific, including...
    • Locating product information and source
    • Creating strategies for market entry
    • Liason and coordination
  • Business development (marketing, strategic planning, implementation, serving as an intermediary in negotiations)
  • Act as an agent on behalf of a Japanese corporation to communicate with their U.S. counterpart
  • Provide assistance to obtain licenses and certificates in the US